Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges can be a great way to replace a tooth or several missing teeth. Bridges are used for many different dental conditions to cure the “sunken face look”, which is associated with missing teeth. Additionally, bridges help to prevent potential bite and jaw joint problems that are caused when your teeth shift to fill empty spaces. Bridges will also help improve your chewing ability and offer a more permanent solution to missing teeth.

A bridge is a single restoration that is attached to the teeth on each side of a space where a tooth is missing.The abutment teeth will be prepared to receive the fixed bridge. Next Dr. Jones will take an extremely accurate impression of the prepared teeth and full arches. This mold is used to create a gold or porcelain (tooth colored) bridge. On your next visit your bridge is then cemented onto the prepared surface of the teeth, effectively creating the appearance of a "new" tooth or teeth.

In some instances, a resin-bonded bridge may be used. In this case, the two teeth on each side of the gap are not prepared for crowns. Instead, the bridge consists of a false tooth with brackets on the back of each side of the gap. The brackets are attached to the backside surfaces of the real teeth on each side.

What are the benefits of having a dental bridge? Well, unlike dentures, a fixed bridge is never removed. The bridge is stable in your mouth and functions just like your natural teeth. By filling the gap and stopping the movement of your other teeth, your fixed bridge will quickly become an excellent investment. You'll experience better chewing ability and eliminate the potential to experience future jaw and joint problems like TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Disorder.

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